2023-01-24 | 3 recommended free apps for Apple iOS: Remote Desktop Pro, Night Star, Peppa Pig: Happy Hen

News from IT House on January 24th, Apple recommends 3 free apps for iOS / iPad: Remote Desktop Pro, Night Star, Peppa Pig: Happy Hen.

  • Freedom has a time limit and is uncontrollable: if the price is displayed when downloading, it means that the event has ended;

  • The free download is limited to one time, and the account is owned for life: when the application is deleted, it can be downloaded for free at any time in the future;

  • Limited to free means that the download is free: the in-app purchase content of the application is not included. Of course, the in-app purchase function is sometimes set to be free.

Remote Desktop Pro tool 4.8 pointsApp provides remote control of Mac or PC with mouse, keyboard and media control. Great if you hook up your computer to a TV or projector and control it from your couch or bed. In 2013, I created this app to control my MacMini connected to the big screen TV in the living room. In 2016, I quit my job to become an indie developer, and now my only focus is building my apps. Over the years, the app has been downloaded over 2 million times and has received good reviews. main feature. Remote mouse and keyboard. Popular apps and sites’…iOSiPadOS¥682023-01-24 free pick up

Night Stars entertainment 4.4 points “Night Star” is a very addictive game. Once you start, you can’t stop. The game has two modes. game rules. ordinary:. Click on two or more squares of the same color. No time limit, once you reach the target score, you can advance to the next level. eternal:. Click on two or more squares of the same color. Click as many blocks as possible, and as fast as possible. The more blocks you tap at one time, the more time is added. Time drains faster with each level. Once all the time runs out, the game is over. Scoring rules:. Score = squares x squares x 5. regular mode…iOSiPadOS¥302023-01-23 free pick up

Peppa Pig™: Happy Heneducate 4.3 pointsRanked #1 in the Kids Apps category in 33 different countries since launch. Peppa and George are playing Happy Hen and they want you to join in! Fans of animation for preschoolers will love this app. Featuring fan-favorite characters, music, sound effects, and fun games, the app lets young fans explore the exciting world of Peppa. feature. 5 fun games featuring Peppa, George and their family and friends: .・See how many eggs you can lay while playing Happy Hen.・Put the seeds to guide the chicks out of the maze.・Lead the chicks back to the coop.・Jumping into mud puddles…iOSiPadOS¥182023-01-24 free pick up

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